How to Integrate Collaboration Software into Your Marketing Process

How to Integrate Collaboration Software into Your Marketing Process | Claromentis

When your team gets a marketing campaign right, it can be revolutionary for your business. We all have our favourite campaigns and have seen the brands who have got it so right. In 2018, marketing is a round the clock process, with a range of different skills, team members and digital tools involved. With so many different factors essential to creating a successful marketing strategy, collaboration software has been fundamental in getting projects off the ground.

From initial ideas and brainstorming to gaining insights and feedback on your previous campaigns, collaboration software can enhance every step of the marketing process. If you’re already using collaborative tools in your marketing team or you want to start, here’s a breakdown of how you can get the most out of your marketing with collaboration software.


The key to great marketing is ideas, and collaboration software means that your team can constantly share and play with concepts in a set space. By having an open board for ideas, those light bulb moment ideas scribbled on a napkin can now be posted and shared with the team, and kept safely on the intranet for you to access at any point. Using software that allows for different ways to share and develop ideas allows your team to be creative and visual. Try incorporating brainstorming, image sharing and creative prompts to allow your team to develop and come up with new ideas as a team in real time.


Successful marketing campaigns involve a huge amount of communication between team members as well as other members of the company. If your team is in different geographic locations use collaborative software that allows for voice and video communication as well as text so your team feels like they’re in the same space. Keeping a record of these can also be great for going back on and remembering what was shared. Software that allows for instant commenting speeds up getting feedback, and being able to create different chats with different teams allows more organised and effective communication.

Time Management

Timing is essential in marketing and making sure everything is on track and ready for release is so important. There are some great collaborative tools for time management, from scheduling meetings to viewing a project’s timescale. Allowing the whole team to access the timetable and both see it and edit it means any hiccups or problems can be noted straight away and everyone knows who’s doing what, when. This is great for accountability and also for keeping everything up to date, which in the fast paced world of marketing campaigns is key.


Constantly gaining feedback and using it to improve campaigns has been championed in a whole range of industries. Choose software that allows access to real time analytics so that your whole team can see the same information, no matter where they are. With customisable dashboards and instant insights you can see what’s working and what isn’t and draw your team’s attention to the information that’s relevant. Being able to discuss and view analytics from a range of sources allows for a multi-platform, streamlined process. You can also view and compare the cost and return on investment of various marketing channels and adjust these as a team.

Campaign Workflow

Managing your team’s workflow can be made so much easier by integrating collaboration software into your marketing process. Whether it’s setting up automatic releases, scheduling tasks or getting feedback on your social media campaigns, there are some great online tools you can use. It can also allow you to delegate tasks to team members, organise project priorities and track where you could improve your team’s productivity. By having everything in one place, easily accessible to the whole team, you can see how your campaign is progressing and who is doing what, when. Being able to do this online saves a huge amount of time and allows your team to be more responsive and flexible in their work.

Access to Digital Assets

Using a multi-platform approach has become more and more essential in getting your company’s marketing goals accomplished. With different team members managing different elements of a project, they need to be able to access your company’s digital assets quickly and easily. Using a shared online workspace, with easy access to images, audio and video content means that your marketers have access to the resources they need instantly, cutting down on wasted time and increasing productivity. You can also use the ability to tag other members and share files directly as well as improving search ability and filters to find the perfect images. Make sure files are easily accessible, clearly labelled and automatically uploaded to the group.

Speed, communication and flexibility are essential in dynamic, modern marketing campaigns and using collaboration software improves all of these elements. Instead of keeping track of a number of apps and online platforms, look for an integrated solution, with everything in one place. Encourage your team to look for new solutions and communicate constantly – by using collaboration software you can give them the tools they need to do this.

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