How to Align Company Culture With Your Digital Workplace

How to Align Company Culture With Your Digital Workplace | Claromentis

A growing number of leaders in big companies are coming to the realisation that it is as important to develop a cohesive, collaborative culture in the digital workplace as it is in the physical one. Between listening to user input, negotiating with vendors and giving dynamic responses to interdepartmental issues, the culture of an organisation can make or break any endeavour.

The answers are not always obvious, but making the effort to discover the systems and strategies that best align your employees with the path to success can make your company robust enough to face the challenges of the future.

So what needs to be done to generate the most positive, productive organisational culture possible in your digital workplace?

There will be challenges, but with an open mind and an awareness of your surroundings you can future-proof your business and work to achieve your peak performance levels.

Whether you are part of a global corporation or a self-employed contractor, a culture of communication, troubleshooting, performance review, reward and so much more can help get people on board with achieving your shared objectives.

Some things to consider when developing company culture:

1. The foundations of organisational culture are shared beliefs about the way things are done.

2. There is no one-size-fits-all solution. You need to put the work in to gradually develop the right strategy for your digital workplace.

3. Don’t be afraid to use an agile approach. Assess and reassess continuously.

4. Remember that different people work in different ways – ensure to shape your culture around multiple working styles and personalities.

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Adapt your company culture to different working styles

Understand your company values

Organisational culture is built on beliefs and values. What is your company’s mission? What are you all about? The answers to questions like these can galvanise your team as a unit, uniting them to work towards a singular mission. The more you foster and develop a culture of connection and collaboration, the more cohesive your teams will be.

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Implement continuous improvements

Don’t back down from asking the tough questions. Use them to learn how people feel about strategies, policies and your company’s direction. Keep in mind that many people will struggle to keep up with priorities that are constantly shifting and realigning. If you can frame a more unified vision, your team will be able to see the road ahead and avoid getting lost in confusing details.

Don’t be scared of testing out different strategies within the digital workplace to find what works. There is no ‘best’ model for organisational culture. Every solution is most effective when it comes from identifying the best ideas and co-opting them for reconfiguration by every individual in the team. Shake things up to avoid the flow of monotony and break free from rhythms that aren’t working for you. The more adaptable your team is, the easier it will be to make the positive changes. Adoption is key, but your team will need to be supported.

Getting the most from the digital workplace

By asking yourself the difficult questions about your organisational culture, you are taking the first step on a journey towards greater creation and innovation. Be open to the questions, and consider if you are matching the right team with the right digital environment. You may find that what you have is not perfect, but you can work to fix it. Consider the following questions to get the ball rolling a little further and sharpen your focus a little more:

  • What is the sound of your organisation? What sort of tone is there at meetings, communications with other organisations, and the brand identity that is presented to the public?
  • Are there any values or procedures that are obstructing progress in the digital workplace? Can you or your team think of certain policies that are a challenge to navigate?
  • Does the digital workplace culture of your organisation model that of your physical office? What are the differences, and why?
  • Is the culture of your organisation distinct enough that someone who spends a day working with you would get a clear idea of it?

In an era when technology is developing quickly, it’s important you take advantage of the ways people can communicate and collaborate at work.

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