How the Philosophy of a Digital Workplace Can Maximise Your Employees’ Agility, Productivity and Engagement

author Carol Mentis, June 9, 2017

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A digital workplace is an excellent all round approach to management in a flexible and free organisation. It functions almost as a philosophy in its own right, an ecosystem enabled by technology, with the aim of completely transforming the manner in which your team functions, the value of your business, and how management tools and technology are utilised.

The digital workplace can be defined as the intersection of organisation, technology, and people.

Here’s how the philosophy of a digital workplace can maximise your employees’ agility, productivity and engagement.

People focused

A digital workplace should place the people working in it first, prioritising the provision of an environment that enables them to work as flexibly and efficiently as possible. This set up enables employers to meet the increasingly high technological requirements of their employees. Having a people-centric approach ensures your digital workplace functions using a deliberate approach that increasingly works towards delivering essential functions in a computing environment which is consumeresque, and thus more capable of facilitating flexible and innovative working practices.

Technological tools

Intranets, finance and HR systems work side by side with communication technology and social platforms in the digital workplace, to enable seamless working anytime, anywhere. Due to the constantly increasing use of mobile technology in the form of smartphones, tablets, cloud services, and enterprise social networks, digital workplaces are already mainstream practices in a lot of corporate environments.

Organisation benefits

Businesses that lack a strategy based in the digital workplace are going to struggle to compete. The lack of a digital workplace will lead to less engagement from their employees and stakeholders than is enjoyed by their competition, and their enterprises will fail to meet the requirements of customers in the modern world.

More effective communication, collaboration and efficiency

Many organisations are already reaping the rewards of digital workplaces. The digital workplace provides tangible benefits for companies as it enables employees to foster greater levels of communication and collaboration. The digital workplace encourages teams to function together on a deeper level, producing higher standards of work, and a more supportive environment. All of this leads to a more efficient, and happier workforce.

Responsive to critical changes

The gap between consumer computing environments and business computing environments is extremely wide. Organisations embracing a computing style that is partially or completely based in consumer environments, for the purpose of business environments, will find it extremely beneficial. In many cases this shift has a completely transformational effect on businesses, with the digital workplace helping businesses to determine exactly how rapidly consumer-style trends in computing should be embraced.

Your employees are essentially consumers of your business. Business activities, for them, form a single aspect of a much broader lifestyle. Through the provision of digital workplaces, businesses and organisations can ensure the digital literacy of their business consumers, and effectively harness their full capabilities to maximise productivity. This is only enhanced by the introduction of engagement styles and technology. By appealing to your employees’ working style you can ensure you’re increasing their job satisfaction, and in so doing reducing absenteeism, and increasing your staff retention rates, for an overall improvement in productivity, innovation, and a better life/work balance for your employees.

Increase your workflow efficiencies

One method of enhancing your mobility within the digital workplace is what is known as the Bring Your Own Device, or the BYOD model. Workflow efficiencies are significantly enhanced using this model, as it enables the use of smartphones and tablets that are just as effective as laptops and desktop computers, but enable employees to work while travelling or at remote locations. Portable devices enable real-time conversations as well as access, anywhere, anytime, to all your information. They ensure the fast sharing of information and vastly increase the productivity of your workforce and the operational continuity of your organisation.

The digital workplace ensures that each and every employee has their own device, and has been provided with similar or identical online experiences during collaborative efforts, reading, searching, and using online apps. Couple all of this with the increased confidence and comfort that comes with using your own device, and you have a recipe for success.

The reduction of your environmental impact

Businesses and individuals all around the world are growing increasingly aware of the impact of their activities and the activities of their organisations on the environment. Employees can use the digital workplace to ensure they are saving energy, by commuting less and working from a distance, and also by using less office space, which requires temperature control and lighting. A mobile workforce is an eco-friendly workforce, especially if you are able to reduce or even remove your office space requirements.

It’s not only the environment that benefits, your business will also benefit from a reduction in overhead and infrastructure expenses, as well as travel expenses, and ensuring you have corporate social responsibility.

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