How Intranet Software Has Revolutionised the Way Businesses Operate

How Intranet Software Has Revolutionised the Way Businesses Operate | Claromentis

There is no doubt we are currently living in a digital era. A consumer can now watch the latest cinematic releases and complete their weekly shop online without having to leave their home. But how have workplaces changed in light of the digital revolution? From streamlining efficiency to improving the ease of communication, businesses that operate on a digital intranet are utilising the best of digital technology. Below, we explore how intranet software has revolutionised how businesses operate…

Builds a collaborative culture

Teamwork is at the core of any successful business. Different divisions and departments within a workplace have to work in sync to ensure the long-term success of a company. While in the past physical location, such as departments working in different buildings, would have posed a problem for effective collaboration, intranet software has eliminated this obstacle. Modern intranets allow for information, documents and other resources to be accessed and adapted by users in locations across the globe, so a remote worker and team based in a different geographical location can easily collaborate together despite physical distance.

Keep staff connected | Claromentis Intranet Software

Modern intranet software connects employees to the same digital workplace – wherever in the world they are located

Streamlines communication

Communication is essential for a business; effective communication ensures everyone in the workplace is clear on the goals they are working towards. It is through positive communication that ideas can be shared and developed, often creating solutions to problems a business may be currently facing. Plus, a channel of communication that works effectively is good for employee-to-employee relationships and builds the strength of a team. Intranet software supports these communications by having features such as message boards and live chat, which encourages and simplifies communication between employees as well as maximising efficiency using business process software.

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Communication apps help to build employee relationships


Provides safe data storage solutions

In the wake of GDPR regulations, effective data storage is not only useful for the operations of a business, but essential for safeguarding its customers and clients. There are various platforms that a business can use to store data; however, many of these are unsafe. Intranet software has revolutionised how businesses store data by allowing a company to utilise a single and secure location that is accessible only by certified personnel. This is not only beneficial to employees, as they can access the data they need from one location and do not have to search through multiple filing systems or databases, but for clients as their data is kept safe and secure also.

Document permissions | Claromentis

Access to documents can be controlled using permissions

Eliminates scheduling complications

In the past, employee schedules and holiday days would have been recorded and displayed physically. This left a lot of room for error, such as the wrong requested day being recorded or a miscommunication about which days an employee will be in the office. Intranet software has revolutionised schedules and timetables by introducing holiday booking apps that combine multiple employee availabilities in one place. Requests for time off can also be issued via the platform, streamlining the process.

Staff booked holiday

Easily see which employees are away from the office

Ensures each voice is heard

In a large workplace is it easy for employees to feel like their voices aren’t being heard. Prior to digital advances, this would have made an employee feel undervalued and ultimately lead to a decline in their work ethic. With intranet software, something as simple as an online poll or survey can prevent this from happening by offering employees a quick and easy way to share their opinion. Polls, for example, can be used frequently in the digital workplace to check each employee is onboard with the work the company is doing.

HR Poll | Claromentis

Add a poll to your intranet homepage to capture feedback from all staff

Helps companies manage finances

Intranet software has revolutionised how businesses operate by streamlining how expenses and billings are recorded. Employees can view their individual expenses online and submit their expense claims, ensuring a clear online record of every transaction is kept. Expenses can be easily submitted and the online status of the claim will change to keep the employee updated on how it is being processed. This prevents any business operations from being delayed, expense claims being handled incorrectly or needless communication as everything is clearly displayed for both employees and business managers to refer to.

Intranet software expenses | Claromentis

Add a poll to your intranet homepage to capture feedback from all staff

When you consider all these intranet software apps (and there are more than just the ones featured here!) there is no doubt it has revolutionised how businesses operate. Intranet software not only ensures communication and collaboration are simplified but also helps to remove inconveniences, such as scheduling and double room bookings, that can over time have a large negative effect on a business.

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