How Improving Our Internal Comms Transformed Our Product

author Kerensa Johnson, November 10, 2017

Internal Comms | Claromentis

Instant messaging apps are a huge part of office life. Collaborating instantaneously with your colleagues, sharing ideas to the whole company and, of course, chatting with your best work buddy are intrinsic to modern working, and today’s instant messaging platforms make this a whole lot easier – especially if you have dispersed teams or remote workers.

At Claromentis, our internal communication was transformed when we first started to use dedicated chat software a couple of years ago. The floor was completely opened to all of us to share ideas, comment on processes that were or weren’t working, and gel better as a company (being able to create our own Claromentis-themed emojis was a real team builder!)

However, over time we started to notice how siloed our communication was becoming. We realised we were using different apps for different types of communication, and that didn’t sit right with us. We strive towards making software that encapsulates working life and transforms it into a single digital workplace, and if our team were having to switch between apps to get things done, then something had to be fixed, fast.

Reflection time

Bringing our communication back into a single system prompted several solutions; we could develop our own instant messaging app; purchase a paid-for version of our existing service to unlock customisable features; or switch to an open-source chat platform that we could integrate with our own software.

Each solution had its pros and cons, which we discussed excitedly as a team. Developing our own instant messaging solution, whilst amazing in theory, would be extremely time and resource-heavy, and didn’t make much sense when there were existing products out there that could do the job. Paying a subscription for our current service wasn’t ideal either, as it meant a hefty subscription charge for a product that didn’t meet all our requirements anyway. That left us with the third option: use an open-source instant messaging app that we could customise and integrate into our digital workplace. Can you guess which solution we chose?

Integration time

Using an open source platform and customising it ourselves meant we could get the best of both worlds. Even better, we could utilise our personal experience and handiwork to provide a solution to customers who had the same problems.

In a matter of days, our teams had admitted there was a problem, assessed the alternatives, and implemented a solution. The new open-source platform (we chose RocketChat) was integrated into our software, personalised with our branding, and even customised with SSO (Single-Sign-On), making access quick and easy.

Next steps

Our teams were so proud of the solution, we just couldn’t keep it for ourselves. We’re planning on providing our new Chat integration in our latest version of Claromentis, so that all customers have the option of installing instant messaging into their intranet software. Some setup is of course required (hey, good things come to those who wait), but it’s all systems go from there.

Our Chat app can work on mobile too, with no additional apps needed. Simply login to your Claromentis intranet via your mobile browser or native intranet app, if you have one, and you can start collaborating and communicating straight away. This is particularly handy if you’re working on-the-go or on the train; in fact, this very feat saved me during a tight spot recently where I had limited mobile signal, and downloading an app would’ve been painfully slow.

The future

We’re constantly growing as a company and from that our product grows too. We’ll be posting stories like this again in the future, and we’d love to hear your feedback!

How have you solved your internal comms problems? Let us know in the comments below!