How Effective Project Management Software Can Improve Client Relations

author Carol Mentis, November 27, 2017

Improve Client Relations with Project Management Software | Claromentis

Many people think of project management as a method of managing the tasks and objectives required to fulfil a project. In terms of project management software, the view is similar – that the role of the programme is simply to get everyone completing tasks, within the time frames set, to achieve the client’s desired outcome. However, project management software, when used effectively, is capable of so much more, and can add real impact and value to your client relationships. It can positively impact how clients feel towards you and help you to develop your relationships, converting newer clients into long-standing partners, and your long term clients into loyal advocates for your business.

On top of using your project management software for planning, scheduling, allocating, tracking and monitoring, you should be working with the people using the software each day to help them maximise the benefits the software can bring. You might be well aware of how your software helps your team to work and have noticed it’s improved communication throughout your team. But what about more fundamental, subtle changes that work at a much deeper level to transform working relationships, improve trust, flexibility, confidence and loyalty throughout both your team and your external clients? Below we’ve highlighted some of the key ways in which effective project management software can help to improve your client relationships, so that you maximise both the ability of your team, and the programme, once you’ve invested in it.

Increase client confidence

Inbuilt within your project management software will be features to increase collaboration amongst your team, so that information and knowledge is easily and readily shared. This helps to improve the speed in which tasks can be completed, the efficiency in which problems can be resolved and decreases costs as downtime is reduced through regular, open communication. This means every time a client speaks to a member of the project team, they are having the same consistent experience and being given the same information. This clear, consistent messaging will help to build trust with your clients, as their experience of your brand is uniform every time they contact you. No matter who they speak to, they are told the same piece of information and given the same updates about the status of their project.

Within your project management system, you can also offer clients the opportunity to access information for themselves, by logging in to check on the status of various tasks. They could see who’s responsible for certain parts of the project, so they then know who to speak to should queries arise. Allowing your clients this access will help to increase transparency between your companies, which will open up a trusting relationship in which the clients feel as though they are truly a valued partner.

Any company or manager who realises the greatest asset they have is the people they employ, is on a far quicker road to success than those who don’t. Behind your project management software is a team of highly skilled, experienced staff who you have chosen to employ to help build long-lasting, positive relations with your clients. The speed and sincerity with which your client relationships improve, will be based primarily on their experience of dealing with your team. The more positive your employees’ experience of work is, the more fulfilling they find the projects they’re working on and the more efficient the projects are to complete, the more engaged they’ll be with supporting the vision of your business. You want your employees to feel as proud of your clients as the company is, so equipping them with tools to help improve their experiences of work is paramount.

Use your project management software to build a positive culture amongst your team, use the online calendar to note down important dates such as birthdays or work anniversaries to help people feel like an individual and not just a number in your company. Encourage your employees to contact each other directly face to face, if possible, or support them to treat the intranet system as an open forum to establish and develop positive working relationships with their colleagues. This will empower your team members to feel they have an important role to play in the business growth, and will encourage them to work more accountably in an open, transparent culture.

If you’re interested in understanding more about how project management software can improve client relations, and want to use it to develop and improve your client relationships, call Claromentis today to see how we can help. Our market leading intranet software has helped our clients transform the way their teams relate to each other, developing cultures driven by efficiencies and collaboration. To discuss your requirements with us and to understand how our software can help you reach your business goals, call us today on 0800 409 6101 or email