How Can Your Marketing Team Benefit From Collaboration Software?

Collaboration Software for Marketing | Claromentis

In today’s business world, few departments need to be quite as flexible and speedy as the marketing team. Anything that gives the marketing department a head-start can make the difference between results and failure.

Collaboration software is one of those tools that can be invaluable when used effectively within the marketing and sales environment. Here are some of the key benefits that can come from using the software to improve your marketing efforts:

1. It means more open communication and happier clients

In 2017, it’s not unusual for marketing firms – or departments – to work with clients all over the world. Technology has made global communication a matter of pressing a few buttons in the digital workplace.

However, being able to communicate across the world is a different matter from managing projects with international clients. Collaboration software is the difference between a phone call once a week and the ability of clients to see what the marketing department is working on each day.

It’s natural that clients will want more reassurance and openness when working internationally, and collaboration software offers exactly that. If clients can quickly check what their money is going into once a day or so, they’ll be far more comfortable working internationally.

2. Teams can work together more easily

Technology hasn’t just benefited relationships with clients; it’s made relationships with other businesses easier, too. By effectively using collaboration and intranet software, companies are able to communicate and manage projects effectively with other departments, even if those other departments are in a different country.

The key to efficient project management is ensuring that everyone is together and on the same page. Collaboration tools allow for quick and easy communication between everyone working on a project. Increased efficiency is the natural consequence.

3. It offers a wealth of potential for learning

Growing a business online is tough in the current environment: the web has made it far easier to set up a business and, as a result, there is much more competition. Businesses need to do whatever they can to stay ahead.

One of the best ways to remain competitive is to ensure that staff are well-trained and that the marketing department as a whole never stops learning. If staff invest time and effort in training and learning new processes, the company as a whole will find it easier to get ahead.

Collaboration software can be a key part of this, by enabling staff to learn new processes together rather than off their own back. By focusing on one teaching resource shared across the team, and by allowing staff to communicate and help each other, the learning process can become more of a fun, participatory experience.

4. It’s usually a cheaper option

One of the more simple benefits of collaboration software, but no less valuable for that. By using software to communicate with clients and other team members, businesses can save thousands each year in travel costs.

Even twenty years ago, working with international clients could have cost a company hundreds in air fares. Getting team members from different areas of the country in one place could have meant having to hire a venue out and provide food and drink.

While these costs wouldn’t necessarily be a frequent occurrence, they would be a necessity, and would usually far outweigh the cost of collaboration software. For any business that works remotely in any capacity, software can save money that can then be used to hire new staff, or be used as part of the direct advertising budget.

5. It makes for happier staff

Marketing departments rely on creativity and spark. It makes sense, then, to try and minimise extra stress and to reduce the need of putting extra workload on the people working within the team.

We’ve already mentioned how it can save money on travel, but it’s worth remember the other consequence of teams having to travel a lot: many staff members would prefer not to. For instance, if a senior advertising manager is required to travel to a different country once every couple of weeks and be away from their family for a weekend, they might begin to begrudge the role.

By using collaborative software, they can communicate effectively without having to give up their free time, and can enjoy a better work-life balance. No company should under-estimate the happiness of its employees.

6. Better access to specialists

In almost every department, there are one or two true specialists, and marketing teams are no different. Some businesses have an absolute star copywriter. Others have a graphic designer who is the envy of all their competitors.

By installing collaborative software, other team members will always be less than a few clicks from talking to a real specialist in whatever the topic is. This can be a great way for junior team members – or those transferring to the department with less experience – to learn from the best.

Again, this falls into knowledge sharing, and it can be invaluable in helping the whole marketing team to improve.

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