How an Intranet Will Connect Your Credit Union Community

How an Intranet Will Connect Your Credit Union Community | Claromentis

Credit unions are ultimately all about people. Set up as an alternative to traditional banking, credit unions are non-profit financial organizations made up of a community of stakeholders, with a shared vision for helping to improve the community they support.

Ease of communication and accessibility play a big part in the success of people-centric organizations such as credit unions. The growing “professionalizing” of this industry, where credit unions have moved their products and services from the church hall to the more professional setting of the internet, makes communication and accessibility much more achievable. Credit union staff can easily communicate with each other and access key information if it is stored online, and there’s no better place for this than an intranet portal.

Intranets for credit unions

Intranets and credit unions are very much a match made in heaven. Credit unions need to connect with multiple employees, who may be in dispersed locations across the community, and intranet software allows this to happen straight out of the box. Access to documents such as credit agreements, and the management of mandatory policies, are also made easy with a credit union intranet.

Enhance communication

Communication is key for all organizations, but none more so than for credit unions. Their very nature means that unions can continue to grow and grow, with some reaching up to millions of members. Credit unions of this size will have thousands of employees to help support their community, but without effective communication, this will be difficult to say the least.

This is where intranets really shine. They provide organizations of all sizes with a central hub of communication, allowing team members to communicate with each other, no matter where they are based. Live chat, corporate social networking, news articles and announcements are all available in intranet software, and can all help foster a communicative and knowledgeable workforce.

Boost collaboration

Providing employees a place to collaborate and share information is vital to the success of any organization. Credit unions will invariably have a lot of documentation, such as policies and terms & conditions, which need the input of multiple team members. Rather than send emails around or move paperwork from one desk to another, collaboration can take place online on the intranet.

Credit union documents on your homepage | Claromentis

Being able to collaborate online is even more crucial for organizations with dispersed offices, a common feat of credit unions. The aforementioned policies and documents can be stored, shared, edited and discussed on the intranet, allowing employees from across the community to collaborate in real-time.

Create meaningful connections

Using an intranet within your credit union enables your staff to make meaningful connections with each other, through effective communication and collaboration online. Like credit unions, intranets put people first, and live to make employees’ jobs easier.

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