Handy New Features to Unlock in the Latest Claromentis Release

We’re coming to the end of another very busy year at Claromentis, and what better way to polish it off with a few new bonus features for our customers (call it an early Christmas present)!

Our biggest release of 2017 was without a doubt Claromentis 8.2, which saw the full unleashing of Pages and Design, our intranet-building apps. These two powerful interconnected features let intranet managers personalise their company intranet software, by dragging and dropping components to build multiple Sites, as well as design numerous themes, to suit their requirements. Targeting content and branding your intranet has never been so easy.

With this year’s major release behind us, we had just enough time left to sneak in another little release, Claromentis 8.2.1. Let’s take a look at some of the small but mighty new features available in our latest version:

“Greetings” Pages component

New to Pages in Claromentis 8.2.1 is another component, “Greetings”, which displays a personalised welcome message to users when they login to their intranet. A popular request from our customers, we’ve converted what used to be a piece of custom design work into a do-it-yourself component.

Intranet administrators can simply drag and drop the “Greetings” component into the desired space, and tweak the settings to suit their requirements.

Greetings component | Claromentis

“Events I’m invited to” Calendar filter

Our core Calendar app has been given a little love in 8.2.1, with a brand new filter that will help employees better plan their working day. The new “Events I’m invited to” filter does exactly what it says on the tin, displaying meetings, events, and workshops you’re invited to on your calendar, so you can establish at-a-glance how busy your day is.

Create new Sites from existing templates in Pages

In Claromentis 8.2.1, we’ve added the ability to create new Sites from existing ones in Pages, really handy for when you need to build multiple intranet Sites with the same or similar layouts.

So when creating a new Site, intranet administrators will now be asked if they want to create one from scratch, or use an existing one, which they can preview before making a decision.

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