4 Ways to Induct New Starters Using an Intranet

Induct New Staff with an Intranet

It’s an age-old problem for a HR Manager. For companies with high turnover and seasonal staffing, it can be a full time job in itself to process new employees and have them suitably inducted into the company with all of the relevant forms filled out, payroll completed, information and advice disseminated, et cetera. Sometimes this is time that a company simply cannot afford to waste on induction processes, so it’s important to find ways to streamline and quicken the process. Here are a few easy tips to help your new starter integrate into your business, using your staff intranet.

1. Create a hub for e-forms

When you start a new job the last thing you want to do is spend your first few days filling out reams and reams of tedious forms about your circumstances, your next of kin, and so on. The digital workplace can be a valuable hub for e-forms to allow a new starter to fill out all of the important documentation before they even turn up for their first day, getting all of the boring paperwork out of the way and allowing them to spend more of their induction time meeting and interacting with their colleagues. E-forms also eliminate the need for bulky hard copies of everything, as they are all backed up and accessible in one place.

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2. Training and e-learning in the digital workplace

Training is another thing than can be done from home between the acceptance of the job and the employee coming into the office to start their first day. Your company probably has a series of health and safety training procedures which are mandatory for every employee to undertake, such as fire evacuation procedures. However, depending upon the nature of the new starter’s role within a company, there is a wealth of training that can be done on the intranet without having to spend face to face time training the individual. For example, if your employee works in the kitchen they may need to complete a mandatory food safety training course. This can easily be done online with extranet resources integrated into your intranet software.

3. Introduce your company culture

Another easy step you can take to ensure that your new starter feels properly integrated into the company and their new role, is to ensure that there is a variety of information and interactive resources available on your intranet to teach the employee about the company culture, what is expected of them, and how they might expect to interact with their colleagues. An example would be a short welcome introductory video from the company’s CEO and directors, introducing the business and the company’s ethos.

You may wish to put together some interactive questionnaires where the new employee will be quizzed on company values. This is a great way of introducing the employee to the basics of your company culture, allowing them to adjust their behaviour accordingly when it comes to meeting and interacting with their colleagues and superiors. Even things as simple as the dress code can be a source of anxiety for a new starter, so simple things like this go a long way in making an employee feel welcomed and valued.

4. Encouraging corporate digital networking

Finally, it’s important, especially if you are working within a large corporation, to have an understanding of the company structure and who to report to, as well as who to go to for advice or help. Providing your new starter with an opportunity to familiarise themselves with the other people in the company, their job roles, and their relationships with colleagues, is an important step in making them feel welcomed. Having something as simple as a telephone directory available on your intranet will go a long way in ensuring staff retention. Encouraging open and frequent communication between departments creates an atmosphere of idea generation, dissemination and sharing, which can only be a good thing for your company culture.

There’s no end to an employee’s learning when starting at a new company, but research shows that the better the employee’s induction into a new workplace, the more likely you are to retain that staff member for a longer period of time. Efficient and swift inductions are not just a time-saving measure, but a way to quickly integrate a new staff member into the culture and ethos of the company, without having them take too much time away from the ‘floor’ through lengthy training, form filling, and health and safety procedures. For this, your company intranet is an excellent way to not only induct your new starter into your digital workplace and company culture, but to monitor their induction while not wasting a huge number of man-hours on a lengthy process.

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