Flexible Learning: Why it’s Effective

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For most people, education hasn’t been the centre of positive learning they thought they would experience. From less than stellar times at school to finding out how easy it is to slack off in college, regimented learning routines certainly aren’t the route to happiness and prosperity for everyone. And that’s part of the reason why, when implemented in the workplace, these kinds of routines tend to result in more complaints than excited anticipation.

That’s where flexible learning comes in. Forget dull lectures, taking a half-day off to listen to someone talk about project management in a local for-hire meeting room or losing a whole day of productivity to a course halfway across the country. e-Learning and digital courses are the future, and here are just a few reasons why.

Whenever, wherever

One of the biggest advantages of ‘distance learning’, to use the more traditional term for e-learning, is that you can make use of it when it works for you, rather than the other way around. While this may be a little difficult to follow for the procrastinators of this world, a strict date or time limit can result in less learning for many individuals.

Set a looser time limit, say two months, in which all your staff can learn at their own pace, with less pressure, and which is far more flexible for those with different working schedules, childcare needs or even health concerns that can affect traditional learning. You’ll find your employees are far more receptive to learning if it’s on their own terms.

Keep refreshing

If you’re someone who finds it easier to learn ‘on repeat’, you’re not alone. For many, lectures and training sessions can be in one ear and out the other, and several iterations can be required to get the full potential from training. That’s one of the fantastic things about training and course software; not only can you learn at your own pace, making those slow note-takers far less stressed, but you can also completely recap on everything you’ve learnt.

This form of repeat learning not only results in more absorbed materials – that’s better understood – but it’s also more ingrained, longer lasting, and remaining more consistent than single training courses as you can return to the material time and time again to refresh what has been learnt previously.

Solo learning

Group training sessions and whole-company exercises might seem the most efficient and active way to get participation out of your employees and tick those all-important boxes, but you’re not getting the most out of the people that work with you through those outdated techniques. Solo learning is not only a way to gain more from the material, which is available via e-learning and online courses, but also allows employees to gain their own perspective on the subject, which can be of massive benefit to other staff members.

Learning solo encourages independent skill gain in employees more likely to blend in with the crowd, encouraging independence as well as educated thinking and research within their job role. An evolving and learning workforce is far more future-proof than one that’s stagnant and trained to possess only the same set of imposed skills.

Personal gain

Opening up your company to e-learning and online courses as a whole not only gives you a chance to train your employees further and in more complex ways than a single day’s training might allow, but it also gives something back to those who choose to go the extra mile – training that benefits them for the continuation of their career. While, of course, the primary goal of training and development within a business environment is to make people better at their jobs, there’s more subtle development at play than simply developing skills that directly involve their role.

More person-centred courses, such as project management, leadership or even time management, not only directly help with a person’s job growth, but they can be of benefit to their personal lives, as well as being excellent ways to develop skills to cope with real-world issues such as stress, and knowing when to speak out regarding being over or under-burdened within their role. This heightened awareness not only makes them better employees – it makes them better people and more aware of what they can do for the company.

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Giving your employees the freedom to learn, and making developing their skills rewarding, can pay off massively. There are many other ways that you and your staff can benefit from e-learning courses and digital learning software such as the type we have provide as part of our learning management system. Discover more about employee solo learning and development skills by contacting us today!

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