Five Ways an E-learning Platform Can Improve Your Workplace’s Efficiency

Claromentis E-Learning Platform

Does your company rely on external training courses to upskill your employees? Do you run all of your training courses in-house, where all attendees must go to the same room at the same time instead of getting on with their day-to-day work? And when your team members have finished their training courses, do you rely on them to keep their own records? While there is nothing wrong with classroom-based training, or letting individuals keep track of their own qualifications, an e-learning platform can take much of the cost and hassle away, and allow employees to do at least some of their training in their own downtime. Let’s look at each of these points in a little more detail:

Save money

Before e-learning platforms, even something as simple as a Health and Safety course had several unavoidable costs:

– The cost of the trainer’s time, every time.

– The training materials, usually printed out.

– The location of the training and any associated hire costs.

– The lost time of the employees, who had to attend at a particular time.

With an e-learning platform, a course like Health and Safety can be written once (and reviewed regularly), and simply placed on the e-learning platform on your intranet. No trainer is needed, no room needs to be booked, no wasted printed pages, and employees don’t have to leave their desks at a time when they might otherwise be concentrating on something more valuable to your company. Now you can save the cost of face-to-face sessions for the courses that will provide you and your employees real benefits.

Records at a glance

If your company has a culture of training your employees well, it might be difficult for them to remember when they took a particular course, or what qualification they gained at the end. If you use an e-learning platform, each employee can keep track of which courses they have taken part in, and which qualifications they have gained. With these records at your fingertips, you can see when and where any employee completed any course—which is also useful for knowing when it is time for them to refresh their knowledge in a given area.

Claromentis Training Records
Training Records in the Claromentis e-learning platform

E-learning platforms can also help you as an employer keep track of any mandatory training your employees must undertake, making it easier for you to comply with statutory requirements for fire safety and diversity training, as well as your own company training requirements. From first aid to fraud prevention, you can see at a glance using the e-learning system who has completed the required training, as well as what score they received on the final test.

Find the hidden gems

When you get people to write down their learning and development experiences, it is then easy for you to find the right people to help out when you need someone who has a particular skill set. Ask your employees to write down all the training they have done, from their history degree to the face-painting workshop they attended last month—and then when you run the charity circus-themed bake sale, you will know who to ask to help out with entertainment. This concept also works for technical and project management skills!

People Endorsements in Claromentis
Endorse users’ skills in Claromentis

Bridge the capability gap

Not only can you find out who has the skills you need, you can also find out what skills are missing from your organisation—and if you have made a training strategy for the future, you have also identified the skills you will need in a few years’ time. By using an e-learning platform to track your company’s existing capability, you can find the gaps in what you have and what you need. This lets you figure out where you most urgently need to get your people trained.

See the wood for the trees

E-learning has benefits for more than just your organisation. Employees who have ambitious training and development plans may have a long path to travel before they reach their final goals. An e-learning platform can help map out their paths clearly, so that they can see where they are in their training plan and how much longer it will be before they finish. It can keep your employees’ morale high and show them just how far they have come on their training journey.

Claromentis Learning Path
Track your tailored learning path in Claromentis

While e-learning platforms are unlikely to replace traditional training methods in all cases, they certainly can offer a great way to keep track of what skills you need, when you will need them, and who in your organisation can provide them. It can also keep your employees motivated, and help them feel in charge of their own well-organised training plan. And with the money they can help you save on external training courses, they may well pay for themselves.

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