Fast Performing and Scalable Intranets for the Enterprise Level Business

Enterprise Ready Intranets in Claromentis 7.4

In our ever growing and fast-paced world, we understand how important it is to keep up with the pace. It’s more and more common for people to expect immediacy and instant results, and your intranet is no different.

Understanding customer needs and trends has been our key focus in dedicating our resources to finding and implementing an intranet solution that can really deliver. Our newest official release presents our fastest and most scalable Claromentis yet, with emphasis on vastly improving performance and increasing concurrent user load.

This is a really exciting and revolutionary enhancement of our intranet platform. Not only does Claromentis 7.4 include code caching and database caching, which in itself improves speed and response times, but we also now fully support load balancing.

Load Balancing Solution

The load balancing functionality essentially means that the number of actions performed on your intranet is spread out over multiple servers rather than one. We’ve all been in a situation where a website has crashed when too many people are accessing it at the same time – for example, when trying to buy popular festival tickets! This is because the server cannot cope with the number of requests it is being sent. However, with a load balancing solution in place, this distributes the requests over more than one server, greatly reducing the risk of performance issues and website downtime.

Load Testing Result

Recent load testing has been incredibly impressive and encouraging, with an average response time of less than half a second being recorded on systems with 1200 concurrent users. Concurrent doesn’t just mean the number of users looking at the same page – it actually means 1200 users performing an action at exactly the same time, such as clicking a link or downloading a document. The total number of users on the system was much more for this particular test; 4000 in fact.

This really demonstrates how fast and scalable Claromentis has become; as your business grows faster, Claromentis can be there to grow with it.

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