Extranet and Intranet

Sharing a great example of one of our customer’s intranet systems, combined with the extranet software view when a user from a major client logs in.

The Intranet View
Extranet View

What we see here is important :

  • Exactly the same system
  • Exactly the same URL
  • Visual Interface assigned according to the user – in this case according to extranet membership
  • Permissions control the data that is viewed within the interface

What this means is that the same system is on the one side a corporate intranet and information system, and on the other side a project collaboration based view for a client providing a project status including live web cams, latest design files, version controlled documents, KPIs and Health and Safety statistics..

It is great to see how Claromentis is such a powerful framework that each user logging onto the same intranet and extranet system will not only receive a completely different interface, menu system and access to applications but also see completely different data within that interface.

It is actually quite hard to understand that this is exactly the same system!

3 thoughts on “Extranet and Intranet
  • Looking at the two snapshots, it is indeed hard to believe that this is truly the same system. The fact that the look and content can morph so differently based on the target audience/permission group, shows the great potential of this software.

  • And it’s so easy to define who see what. Users can even be given the choice if you choose to allow it.

    There is no limit on the number of skins you can make available on a system.

    In addition to that, if you are making use of the Extranet facilities within Claromentis, you needn’t create a skin for each Extranet, you just upload the logo for each of the areas and a single skin will adapt and display the logo assigned to each area. This allows you to have a single template skin with your branding on it, whilst ensure that your partners each see their own logo as well when they log in. All you need do is assign a logo to each extranet area.

    The importance of making your partners and suppliers feel unique and valued (by displaying their logo), whilst still keeping your logo and corporate identity cannot be underestimated. To display your partnership and collaboration is something that can only benefit and strengthen the relationship.

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