Encouraging Project Productivity and Motivation with the Digital Workplace

Project Management in the Digital Workplace | Claromentis

In the modern office, there are a million and one things going on at any given minute – and with the tendency for most businesses to work in an open-plan space, for those working on projects or longer-term goals it can be challenging to stay focused, productive and motivated. With progress reports, confusing meetings and absences causing delays and issues, projects can drag on far longer than expected.

That’s where the digital workspace comes in, allowing for easy productivity within a virtual space that’s never too loud or cluttered. From task management to collaboration software, enhancing project management and development is effortless. Here are just a few of the ways utilising a digital workplace can help your staff to make the most out of their workday:

Convenient collaboration

More businesses than ever utilise flexible working. Whether it’s from home, in different offices or even different countries, large collaborative projects are made up of multiple gears meshed together. However, if just one person is unable to access the full project group, it can cause that well-oiled machine to grind to a halt.

Enter intranet collaboration. Instead of needing every piece of the puzzle in place at all times, every element of collaborative products can be shared in a group space that’s accessible by all. From project details to status reports and to-do lists, collaboration has never been more natural. Not requiring the presence of every person at all times not only saves time, it also increases productivity tenfold.

A clean, productive environment

Nothing is worse than a cluttered desktop, both physically and virtually. It’s easy to become lost and frustrated with threads of work here, there and everywhere – not only for the person working on that project but also for those around them. A digital workplace lets your staff have a cleaner setting in which to work, which can be a massive help for larger scale projects.

Also, having everything in one place also makes it simple for the next person to pick up where the last left off, with full knowledge of what goes where, how, and when. This makes it a truly invaluable tool for projects that involves multiple offices, departments or countries. Forget files on desktops and messy cloud folders, organisation helps to encourage team motivation.

Space to breathe

When you’re involved in large-scale project work, taking a step back and seeing the bigger picture can be confusing as well as frustrating. A digital workspace gives you that extra room to breathe and makes connecting the dots that little bit easier than individual working does.

If you work better solo, then a digital workplace gives you the opportunity to dip in and out of collaboration and communication when you need to – while still having a full log to keep you up to date with what’s going on. Not only does this help with project comprehension, it also makes people’s jobs easier on a day to day basis.

Easily organised

A messy project is never a good thing. You may begin with the best of intentions, from spreadsheets to team chats, but it’s effortless to go from a unified group to individual silos where information isn’t readily shared or visible. A digital workplace makes every element of a project transparent, from collaborative documents to task management, which in turn makes the passing of information more manageable.

The level of organisation this promotes is not only best practice, it also makes the management and development of projects, especially in unexpected ways, a far less complicated task to achieve. Forget about manual reporting – project managers and other senior staff will be able to see the development and success of projects without the requirement of spreadsheets and update meetings that take up valuable time.

Part of the team

The digital workplace doesn’t just promote many excellent practices for project work, it also makes everyone involved more aware of the full scope of the project they’re working on and encourages them to understand the part they play in development and deployment. A digital workplace means a unified workplace which is capable of more fluid ways of working, from adaptive task management to collaborative methods that substantially reduce time spent on meetings and reporting.

Feeling a part of the project team, whether based on site or the other side of the world, further encourages excellent work thanks to the motivation involved in being part of a well-organised and communicated project. The days of hundreds of emails and video conferences are over – digital workplaces are the future of project management.

If working digitally sounds appealing to you, then a project management platform might be a great addition to your business. Offering a new way of working, both for the whole office and within groups, you’ll find that motivating your employees to produce excellent projects in less time has never been an easier task. With anything from project status through to tasks and resources contained in one central hub, your office will be cleaner and your staff more efficient than ever before.

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