Embrace Emojis to Enhance Staff Communication

Think emojis are just for teenagers? Think again. Emojis play a huge part in everyday communication between all ages and all cultures, and if used effectively, emojis can convey a broader meaning than words alone.

B2C companies are already reaping the benefits of incorporating meaningful emoji usage into their marketing strategies, such as email campaigns and even press releases. Using emojis isn’t just about tapping into the latest trend (emojis are far from new anyway; they’ve been around since the late 90s), it’s about utilising a communication method that transcends language barriers and enhances meaning.

The usefulness of emojis

Emojis are incredibly useful in helping to convey tone in written communication. Emails are still very much a big part of working life, however distracting they may be, and their static written form can cause huge misunderstandings between recipients. An email can be interpreted in many different ways, and not necessarily in the way the writer intended. An innocently polite email could easily be misconstrued as something more sinister, as there is no other indicator of meaning except for the written words. Compare this to face-to-face communication, where body language and tone of voice play a huge part in letting the listener know what kind of message is being communicated. Emojis work by emulating this behaviour in the written form, giving emails and messages a more accurate tone that reflects the writer’s intention.

Using emojis at work

Using emojis in the workplace can be incredibly useful. Whether you are sending emails, instant messages, or commenting on the company intranet, embracing emojis allows you and your teams to enhance written communication and portray more meaning than ever before.

In Claromentis 8.2, emoji support comes as standard, and can be applied retrospectively to the previous version too (just get in touch with our Support team for help). This means that users can add emojis to the comments and messages they send whilst using their intranet software. With emoji support, staff communication can now become more meaningful and accurate, avoiding misunderstandings and enhancing clarity.

Emojis in Claromentis
Emojis in Claromentis


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