Desk Booking – Great example of bespoke Claromentis “Add-ons”

I find it interesting that since I started working at Claromentis – an intranet solution provider, I have mainly been working on bespoke applications for clients. The variety of specifications I have seen for these different applications from client to client really highlights the versatility of Claromentis as an intranet and its ability as a framework to grow and adapt to a company’s requirements.

Desk booking for me was a great example of this. The “Hot Desk” system is usually employed by large companies who want to maximise the use of their desks.  Essentially employees will work from which ever desk is available on the day rather than have their own personal desk. When employees might work at different times and for different lengths of time this minimizes desk redundancy.

What better way to enhance this system than provide the ability to book desks in advance?  This is precisely what the Desk Booking application does. This in turn allows a company to measure desk occupancy making sure they are getting their monies worth from their office space.

The application also allows managers to maintain a database of desks and their features, as well as providing the ability to assign fixed desks, browse an availability calendar application, provide floor plans with desk locations and much more. Another great bespoke project that really highlights good use of Claromentis as a framework.

1 thought on “Desk Booking – Great example of bespoke Claromentis “Add-ons”
  • Great post – and a timely one in view of tomorrows strategy meetings!

    We are indeed seeing huge growth in the delivery of bespoke applications that add very real, specific value to the intranet and takes our whole solution onto a new level.

    One of our clients recently described Claromentis as a bit like an i-phone platform, into which you can add whatever applications you need.

    Although it is hard at first glance to see the connection between desk booking and an intranet – actually why on earth would you want such an application anywhere else? You would just generate another isolated island of information.

    All the user information and permission systems are on the intranet – that’s where any web based application should be – an integral part of the companies main communication system.

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