Communicating with Customers

Over the years we have really not been good enough at communicating with our existing customers.

With the accelerated R&D we are putting into our framework, we are all working hard to improve this. We are just sending our first ever email newsletter to customers, it has only been 10 years since we started.

It is just such a powerful and – I am afraid to say – inevitably complex – framework that we need to get a regular message out to our customers about our plans, new release functionality and the ongoing improvements in our code.

Yes all customers have access to our support portal at Discover Claromentis – but in my view the occasional, well designed, none-technical email has its place in this need to keep engaged with our customers.

After all, its only one mail every 4-8 weeks, that can’t be too annoying?

You can read our first effort here Claromentis Intranet Software Developments.

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