Collaboration Tools are top of the list for better Time Management

According to the source above, Collaboration Tools are at the top of the list for better time management and increased productivity.

It is interesting to note that the third title is “Take Advantage of Online Platforms”.

According to the survey, the most common time-wasting pain is “Waiting for Information”


Say an employee wasted 15 minutes on a phone call each day to find relevant information and on average has to make 2 of these calls each day, this means 30 minutes wasted for each employee.

Multiply this with the total number of employees in a company, so say 50 employees, 50×30=1500 minutes, that’s 25 hours nearly 3 days work gone.

Let’s put monetary value on this for example, your day rate is £400/day.

You have just saved £1200.00 a day, say it happens 3 times a week

That’s a whooping saving of: £187.200 a year!

Source: Mashable Business

2 thoughts on “Collaboration Tools are top of the list for better Time Management
  • I have a few questions and suggestions about the collaboration tools. We are now using one of the known collaboration systems, but we want to move to a new tool. The problem is, how do we make the transition to a different system, because a lot of files and documents, tasks that are already built? What solutions can you offer us?

    thank you

  • Hi Mr Ray
    Thanks for your comments, as we ll know transition require careful planning and in many cases organisation are underestimating this particular task.
    Sometime choosing the new tool is not about just migrating the old content into the new one but it’s more like moving house, or buying new computer.

    1. Remove or archive what you don’t need
    2. Create new app/tool/data to be more efficient
    3. Migrate valuable data which can be transitioned

    There are some tools available to make transition easier and less painful which I agree with you this subject need more attention.

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