Claromentis Quality Management Solutions Explained

Where your primary requirement is Quality Management Software we offer a portal framework – which provides information management, access, permissions, user management and the interface customized for your company – combined with several QM solutions focusing on Audits and Policies.

Entry solution

Smaller companies can use Process Manager for controlling audits and the document management solution in our permission based framework for managing version controlled Policies.

This provides a low cost entry solution for companies that need an appropriate environment for compliance, but where the size of the policy information is not large and audit requirements are not extensive – perhaps only one external audit a year of only one site.

SME solution

If policy life cycle management is required, or the number of policies is substantial –  the Policy Manager product is the preferred solution.

Policy Manager allows specialist teams to participate in consultancy and ratification phases before policies are distributed. It provides specialist views of policies and procedures to the end users – including lists, category views and A-Z views. Master lists of policies are managed in the Administration Panel.

As a guide any company that has dedicated Quality Management staff, but no Audit Managers, will find this solution set appropriate. For this reason SME companies can still manage smaller scale audits using Process Manager.

Corporate Solution.

If a company has a requirement to run multiple audits across multiple sites, or to track non-conformancies against specific clauses in any legislation such as ISO 9001:2008 and ISO:18001, then the Audit Manager product should be used working seamlessly with Policy Manager.

Audit Manager can work with any external legislation as well as bespoke audits, with multiple audit teams and sites and offers a complete solution including root cause analysis.

Enterprise Solution.

For larger companies with thousands of procedures, perhaps across multiple business units, Policy Publisher can be used either alongside Policy Manager – or as a replacement solution.

Policy publisher replaces completely the need for application files such as PDFs to contain policy information. Instead the entire information set is moved online.

The principle advantages are :

•    Business Unit branding is applied by the framework, so there is no need for multiple copies just to present information in different branding.

•    Polices and procedures can automatically update themselves when included information changes.

•    Online flowcharts that hotlink to other supporting URLs can be used to create a genuine online quality management system.


The Claromentis Quality Management Solution offers a complete range of benefits to ensure that your company can commit to improving quality and compliance with complete confidence that the supporting infrastructure is in place.

Further Information

Product Data sheets are available on our site :

Overview of our Quality Management solution
Policy Manager
Audit Manager
Policy Publisher

In addition there is an online tour of Policy Manager here

Next Steps

We would welcome a chance to understand your requirements, and if we offer a Quality Management system that matches your needs we provide individual webinars and site visits to further demonstrate our approach.

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