Claromentis Now Comes With Elasticsearch

Better Intranet Searching

It’s always a busy and exciting time when a new version of our intranet platform is released. Each and every team works extremely hard to ensure that all aspects of our software is stable and at its best.

With each release comes new and enhanced features, where we implement additional modules and improve functionality based on user trends and needs. One of the biggest requirements was an improved search function, one that would search the entire intranet and all its add-on modules. We have listened, and we have delivered; and so with Claromentis 7.4 comes Elasticsearch!

Elasticsearch is a third party tool used for indexing files and subsequently searching through them. It is a very powerful search engine that is built upon Apache Lucene, an advanced and complex search engine library.

Being able to search through every aspect of your intranet is a huge advantage in so many ways; it not only improves user engagement by making it easier to locate specific areas of your intranet, it also enhances the user experience whereby search results are returned at a much speedier rate than ever before.

Improved searching and faster indexing

The searching service is now entirely global; as well as our whole core software being searchable, all of our modules are too, including our Business Process Management application InfoCapture. Searches can also be filtered down on a per-application basis, making it easier for back-end users to evaluate. Our indexing service has also been improved alongside Elasticsearch, where files are indexed almost immediately after being uploaded – meaning that the file can be searched for as soon as it appears on your intranet.

Being able to integrate our software with such a sophisticated search platform is incredibly exciting, and showcases our software as progressing with current demands, as well as improving the intranet user experience.

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