Claromentis Intern Program

Today we agreed to launch an intern program, as following our move to central Brighton we can have a lot more involvement with the rich pool of young digital talent that surrounds us, and can take the chance to provide really valuable work experience in 2 main areas of our business:

Marketing – we have so much to do and some very interesting vertical sector and competitor profiling to do. We are working on many marketing initiatives that are important for the success of the business.

IT Support – we offer a very interesting environment for IT support students. We have to support many browsers, Operating systems and databases – and we have a client base that is truly global and divers. With an active client support portal and our won internal tracking systems this would be a valuable experience for any IT intern.

We will make an announcement on the site in the next few days, and contact the local universities with the requirements for the roles we have.

Personally I look forward to working with talented and ambitious young people in Brighton who are passionate about what the internet can do for our commercial clients, as well as the global pool of PHP developers out there.

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