Claromentis update: Here are the steps we’re taking to support our staff and customers

We are doing everything we can to keep our employees safe during the ever-changing situation around COVID-19.

We wanted to share the steps we’re taking to keep everyone safe, and to explain in a bit more detail how we plan to continue supporting our customers.

Firstly, we’ve had years of practise when it comes to working remotely, using our own software to share information, stay in touch, and get work done. So, in light of current events, it wasn’t much of a jump for us to tell our staff to work from home full-time to stay safe and healthy. This means we’re able to fully support our customers as normal  – we’re just working from home instead.

Here are some of the steps we’re taking to support our staff and customers:

    • Our workforce has long practised remote working. We’ve asked all team members to work from home full-time so that they can stay safe.
    • Every member of our team is equipped with encrypted, secure endpoints that allow them to work remotely, without any security requirement to be in the office.
    • We have a cloud-first strategy: the tools and technology we use are designed to be securely accessed, wherever our team is based in the world.
    • Our cloud technology suppliers are scalable and stable companies with tried and tested business continuity plans.
    • We are monitoring our assets and external services registers to ensure that our infrastructure and essential external products remain operational.

If you would like the full details of our Business Continuity Plan, please get in touch and we’ll send this over to you.

We’re also taking steps to help our staff stay motivated and connected whilst we all work remotely. Our teams are using video conferencing more and more to stay in touch, have a chat, and check in. We’re hosting virtual “Beer Fridays” so that everyone can ‘get together’ to toast the end of the week.

We’ve also created a dedicated page on our intranet which pulls in updates from WHO’s Twitter feed, and links to Government and NHS pages for advice on staying safe. This helps segment the information in one place, so people don’t feel overwhelmed by constant news – they can simply check in when they need to. But we push vital updates to staff when something really urgent comes up.

We’ve created a dedicated COVID-19 page on our intranet to keep staff up-to-date

We’re always monitoring the latest advice and information from official health bodies, and will keep our customers fully informed.

In the meantime, we wish all of our customers and Claromentis blog readers the best. ❤️


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