Claromentis 6.0 Intranet Platform release in 4 weeks!

With the release of the major new intranet platform Claromentis 6.0 confirmed for 15th November this post summarizes the major features and benefits :

3 Major New Corporate Products

Policy Manager 1.0

Significant new functionality for the consultation, ratification and distribution of Policies and procedures in whatever format from application files to totally online content.

Audit Manager 1.0

A major product for achieving and maintaining ISO certification by using CAPA processes within internal audits to address compliance with any legislation.

Innovate 1.0

Corporate Social Networking and Micro-Blogging is now fully available within the intranet.

Significant Highlights throughout the product line

Improvement in People and user meta data to meet all permission led requirements of major corporations when interfacing with HR systems

Universal tagging

Various improvements to e-forms with a new plug-in engine

Improvements in the Project Management Product

Significant improvements in the framework

Completely modular framework with products on independent release schedules

SOAP interface

Modular Notification Engine (previously called IM, now bespoke apps can use the notification engine)

Improvement in default VI ( Bringing to modern standards, removing overflow hidden and inline font style)

Scalable Audit (bespoke applications can now use the main audit systems

Mobile Interface Framework


This is a very significant release of Claromentis and builds on our global success with the 5.7 platform to allow clients to gain even more return on investment through innovative corporate social networking, significant new quality management products and a powerful platform for bespoke web applications.

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