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author Michael Christian, September 8, 2015

Google has recently made significant changes to their logo to represent changes that are happening within the tech Giant. Like many companies and concepts for Google the only constant is change. Brands go through cycles that very much resemble the ageing process in humans – the journey that we all go through from birth, childhood, […]

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author Nigel Davies, August 20, 2015

Definitions and meanings I would like to start by thinking about the meaning of the main concepts in this question. What do we mean by online collaboration? In the real business world what does “effective”  mean? “Collaboration” is generally accepted as working with others to do a task and to achieve shared goals. In my […]

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author Paula Matthews, May 7, 2014

We’ve worked with a number of charity and nonprofit organisations over the years to deploy intranet software solutions that help fulfil and support this sector’s evolving objectives and goals; and so here are our key intranet features: e-Learning System for Volunteers and Staff Bespoke courses, assessments and modules can be created with a SCORM 1.2 […]

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author Paula Matthews, December 18, 2013

You may be struggling to derive organizational-wide benefits from your outdated intranet, or you may be unsure of the potential benefits of introducing a new intranet, either way, intranet software can transform your business.  Offer Employees a Digital Workspace The term ‘intranet’ has managed to continuously adapt and take on new meanings as we’ve moved […]

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author Paula Matthews, November 5, 2013

A successful intranet provides employees with an engaging workspace to efficiently complete their daily tasks and securely collaborate with colleagues. If you’re planning on deploying a successful intranet for your organisation, here are our top tips: Create a Beautiful Intranet Design A beautiful, user-centric intranet homepage design is a key component to gaining user-adoption and […]

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author Paula Matthews, October 17, 2013

If you view all forms of social networking as being synonymous with teenagers, wasting time and keeping in touch with friends from college, think again. Corporate social networking within the enterprise is an extremely useful tool that can help organisations achieve their strategic business objectives. Let’s get one thing straight; the difference between Public and […]

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