Calling All Developers: Create Your Own Custom Intranet Components in Claromentis

author Kerensa Johnson, November 24, 2017

Custom intranet components | Claromentis

Providing customers with a personalised user experience is key in today’s business software industry. We’ve focussed on this aspect heavily during the development of our latest intranet software release, Claromentis 8.2, where targeted content, custom team sites and tailored design can all be managed in-house.

We wanted to go one step further than this and give clients the option to customise the actual functionality of their intranet. We’re not just talking about looks here, we’re talking about empowering intranet users with the ability to develop their own custom intranet features. Here’s the story:

The typical intranet user’s day

Picture this: you’re sat at your desk, pondering the day ahead and the work you have to do…

It’s a typical day; you need to review a client’s project work on Google Drive and ensure it matches with the info you’ve got on your intranet. The project manager in charge is using Trello to allocate tasks to you, so you need to keep tabs there too. Oh and you need to monitor project news that’s coming through to the RSS feed somewhere. Project issues and risks are tracked in the BPM area on the intranet, you must check that at some point today in case something critical comes up. You remember you have a meeting with the client onsite next Monday, and hope the weather and train strikes won’t delay your journey. Your boss wants the latest stock data in case they need to order more supplies, so you need to locate that information. Then there’s social media! You’ve got to check there in case anyone’s sent a Tweet you need to reply to.

Sound complicated? There’s now an easier way to manage your day…

Out-of-the-box intranet components

Most of the challenges in the scenario above can actually be resolved using our out-of-the-box Pages app, which comes with every new instance of Claromentis as standard. Pages comes with over 35 components which display valuable data on your intranet, allowing you to build an at-a-glance dashboard that provides an overview of the information you need. Google Drive documents, Trello boards, RSS feeds, BPM dashboards, weather forecasts, and social media widgets can all be added to your intranet by dragging and dropping them into place (try it out on our intranet demo to see for yourself).

Out-of-the-box intranet components | Claromentis

Homepage created using out-of-the-box intranet components in the Claromentis Pages app

But data that’s a little more bespoke to your role or your company, such as public transport status, or a real-time stock check, is just as critical in supporting your day-to-day workload as standard commercial apps. We get that. And that’s why we now provide an area for your technical team to develop bespoke intranet components themselves.

Custom intranet components

The new Pages Custom Component allows technical team members to develop custom components that fulfil a vital role that’s bespoke to the company. Examples include the aforementioned real time stock check and public transport status, which can then be added to a user’s homepage, but the floor really is open to pull in data from any system that provides an API (a function that allows different systems to communicate with each other). So if your business uses a third party piece of software to manage payroll, for instance, then your tech staff can create a component in Claromentis to pull in and display this data on the intranet.

Supporting HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, the Custom Component allows staff with a little coding knowledge to work their magic to create intranet components that connect the company’s external apps with their internal digital workplace. Components can be built to pull in data from systems that manage payroll, stock check, travel updates, taxi fleet, flight departures… you name it!

Custom intranet components | Claromentis

Custom component admin panel: create your custom components here!

Next steps

As always we’re looking at ways to improve our product, with enhancements for the Pages Custom Component already in the pipeline, including the ability to export and import code to make it easier to manage. Watch this space!

We’d love to hear how your company has leveraged data using Custom Component and how that’s helped you work smarter. Get in touch to let us know!