Boost Your Marketing Team’s Output with a Personalised Intranet

You may have come across the expression “personalised user experience”, but what does it actually mean? From a consumer point of view, a personalised user experience will mean online retailers will recommend similar products to you, based on your previous purchases. Streaming services like Netflix will suggest programmes to watch based on shows you like. And marketing emails will more often than not address you on a first-name basis.

Essentially, personalisation is designed to make the customer feel valued by tailoring their experience to their tastes and preferences, rather than providing something that’s generic and boilerplate.

Marketers especially are realising the benefits of a personalised customer experience in their marketing strategies, but what about their own experience as employees?

Consumer-style business software

These days, business software is taking tips from consumer-based outlets like online retailers, by focusing on a personalised experience for the employees that use it. With the growing success of personalisation (a survey by Econsultancy saw respondents report a 19% rise in sales when they adopted it), it makes sense that your marketing team experience this special treatment too. After all, they too are consumers of your business, and will be better engaged if their experiences are personalised and tailored to their needs as well.

A personalised digital workplace

The modern marketer will more than likely be using some kind of business software to assist with their marketing efforts, whether it’s an asset management app, document management system, or project management tool. Whatever your marketing team use, providing them with a personalised digital workplace with targeted content will help boost their output, as they will be able to locate the tools they need in an instant rather than spend hours searching for them.

Targeting relevant content and marketing-specific tools to your staff is easier now more than ever thanks to the advances in intranet software architecture. Marketing teams can have their very own digital workplace when using the new Claromentis Pages application, which lets administrators create personalised team sites to position the appropriate content and tools directly on their team’s intranet homepage.

The Pages app works by allowing administrators to choose from over 35 components which pull in and display content from different areas of the intranet. This level of flexibility is key for teams like marketing, who need quick access to campaign materials and KPI data. For example, components like News, Documents, and Dashboards can take precedence on the marketing site homepage, displaying the latest digital marketing news, marketing materials, and campaign data respectively. Take a look at our example marketing team homepage below:

Marketing Team Intranet | Claromentis

Benefits of personalisation

The benefits of a personalised digital workplace are essentially the same as those experienced by consumers – increased engagement and higher retention rates. By having the relevant content and tools directly accessible on a bespoke marketing homepage, your team can save hours of searching time and start feeling engaged as soon as they login.

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