A Claromentis intranet can save you money

Regardless of industry sector, size or location organisations are facing a number of challenges due to difficult trading conditions. Business decision makers across the globe are choosing Claromentis’ intranet software to implement a cost-saving initiative that will benefit their entire organisation. Listed below are just a few ways in which these powerful web platforms can save your organisation a considerable amount of money.


Claromentis provides organisations with an extensive online workspace that enables users to effectively work together by providing them with a central environment to create and share documents, and effectively communicate with geographically diverse users. This comprehensive workspace also provides teams with a structured environment to store and distribute knowledge.

Our core collaboration tools include:

  • Corporate Social Networking – An intelligent platform allowing users to interact, engage and collaborate, assisting in the development of a unified, fully-informed team.
  • Intranet News Create, categorise and publish newsworthy content, users can also comment and participate in these news based discussion.
  • Document Management Users can check documents in and out and users can roll back to previous versions.
  • Business Process Management Enable users to implement online business processes through form-based workflows.

Intranet Regulation

The comprehensive permission system provides intranet administrators with complete control over the entire intranet framework, ensuring that the environment in which users operate is appropriate to their specific needs. As soon as the appropriate permissions have been put in place, intranet administrators can be confident that users can navigate through the entire intranet site, and also utilise the numerous applications whilst adhering to the relevant permission settings.

Further access can be restricted by overlaying these permission settings with additional security settings.

Automate Business Processes

Organisations with a limited IT infrastructure are managing business processes manually and have no other option but to use paper-based workflows. This leads to a number of errors, longer cycle times and a drain on internal resources.

The Claromentis Business Process Management (BPM) application enables organisations to implement online business processes through form-based workflows. Users can also be notified if their participation is required at various stages in the process. User permissions can also be edited at each stage of the process.

Reduce dependency on your IT department.

The intranet allows users to perform tasks that would traditionally be associated with the capabilities and skill-set of employees based within the IT department.  Workflows and electronic forms can be created without any technical ability or understanding. The IT department often supports those individuals responsible for publishing new content, updating information, implementing minor changes to content layout, and the addition or removal of images from the intranet. However, the content management application eliminates this reliance on the IT department, whilst also empowering appropriate users to make and implement necessary changes.

Information Hub for all Users

If employees are unable to locate relevant information in an efficient manner, productivity will undoubtedly decrease. All employees, regardless of their role, position or department will at some point need to access corporate information. This information will enable them to successfully complete tasks on a daily basis.

This information can be accessed by users with appropriate permission settings. System administrators can also allocate relevant users with the ability to create and add further information.

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