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Well, I’m sure the title is not original, but in the context of Claromentis, this is definitely a first!

Claromentis has always had a powerful news system, ensuring that Intranet Administrators can create, manage and deliver news articles to their users. With nearly all of our customers forcing the intranet homepage upon their staff whenever a browser is opened, the news is always an important detail of the intranet content, not only as a means of delivering company and market related information, but also a means of ensuring levels of interest is kept high. Like all web related content, it’s vital to ensure the information is always up-to-date and relevant. Static information becomes unattractive very quickly, particularly in a world that is focusing on the dynamic and creative content in Web 2.0 implementations. So what relevance does this have to blogging? It’s just a news system you say?? Well not any longer….

In Claromentis 5.4, we have introduced the ability to make use of the already proven news management application to allow users to blog also. Whilst still ensuring a strong permission system is upheld in the back-end, users now have the ability to create news articles within individually controlled news channels, effectively creating a blogging platform that all users can use.

The creation of the news channels remains under the control of the news administrators, but users have the ability to subscribe themselves to individual or group blogs, as well as commenting on blog posts, or even managing their own blog.

Not only is this a great step forwards for the Claromentis framework, pushing it closer to the idealism of Web 2.0, but this is a fantastic opportunity for our existing clients to encourage more interactivity within their intranets to increase the distribution of the management for the homepage content. This ultimately makes the homepage content more attractive, more dynamic, and richer than ever before.

Combine this with Smart Objects (coming soon), and the blogging capabilities within Claromentis will be almost endless.

For more information about the Claromentis News and Blogging system, visit our website or contact us at sales@claromentis.com

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