Sneak Peek of What’s New in Claromentis 8.2

author Kerensa Johnson, August 18, 2017

Claromentis 8.2 is probably the most exciting version of our digital workplace software ever, and we’ve been itching to release it! 8.2 sees the full launch of our revolutionary intranet applications, Pages and Design, which provide users with a set of intuitive tools to customise their own system – without any developer assistance. But that’s […]

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Why Updating Your Intranet Rarely Happens

author Carol Mentis, August 14, 2017

At Claromentis, we don’t just view intranets as an integral yet pretty unimportant part of office life; we know that they’re actually essential to every business, which is why ones which are less than functional upset us a lot! You know the type because we’ve all been there. You’ve been working at a company for […]

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Build Your Own Digital Workplace with Pages and Design

author Kerensa Johnson, August 11, 2017

What would you say if we told you that you could build your own digital workplace? No software developer or UI designer needed and no technical knowledge necessary, all it takes is just a few clicks and your system is ready. Well with our new and improved applications, Pages and Design, that very feat is […]

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How to Create an Intranet Staff Want to Use

author Carol Mentis, August 7, 2017

The communications, training and business management potential of intranet software still rests on one simple fact – will your staff engage with it? Despite all your work creating a rapid flow of information around your workplace – to multiple sites and even to the growing number of remote workers in the UK – it is […]

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Why You Need to Make Sure Your Intranet Software Complies with the GDPR

author Carol Mentis, August 4, 2017

By now, your company may well have begun its journey towards compliance with the imminent – and complex – new data protections laws. In May 2018, the EU General Data Protection Regulation goes live, bringing with it wide sweeping obligations that cut across all forms of personal information you hold. There is some concern that […]

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3 Benefits of Collaboration Software

author Carol Mentis, July 31, 2017

You’ve probably heard of collaboration software, but might be unsure what the software is or how it could work for you and your business. Collaboration software is the process of sharing, processing, and managing files between several users and systems. The software gives remote users the ability to work simultaneously on a task or project […]

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Protecting Your Digital Workplace From Hackers

author Carol Mentis, July 28, 2017

Recent events have taught us how vulnerable the digital workplace can be when it isn’t securely protected. In May 2017, an unprecedented ransomware cyber attack affected NHS hospitals, surgeries and offices across the country. The virus spread across almost 100 countries, plunging many major organisations into chaos. Once the ransomware had infiltrated systems, it demanded […]

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The Impact of E-learning in Education

author Carol Mentis, July 24, 2017

E-learning has revolutionised learning in the workplace for a number of years, improving efficiencies, workflow and collaboration. The flexibility offered by e-learning in terms of place of learning and time of learning means that whole education programmes can be rolled out across teams all over the world. Within the education sector, e-learning has been used […]

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Why Fresh Content Should Drive Your Social Intranet

author Carol Mentis, July 21, 2017

Your social intranet should give employees a compelling reason to engage, whether that’s self service HR tasks or creating a wiki or how-to that will cut across silos. Fresh content should be useful, compelling and promote multidirectional conversations between management and employees and across the organisation. But what does that useful and interesting content look […]

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5 Benefits of Using Task Management Software

author Carol Mentis, July 17, 2017

Implementing management software in any business requires a period of adaptation and development, as the software is trialled, learnt and manipulated to best suit the needs of your team and your business. But what if that software had a direct impact on the productivity, organisation and ultimate growth of your business, pooling information into a […]

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