5 Simple Changes That Will Make Your Intranet Instantly Better

1. Use Good Quality Images

Good Quality Images for Intranet Software

OK you may have heard this many times, It is the fact that having well written content on the web is not enough. An image is such a powerful medium to draw attention.

Spending a little bit of time to research good quality images is going to make your content instantly better and more powerful.

What I meant by good quality image is not about getting the highest resolution possible or taken by professional photographer, it is about how to choose the ‘right image’ to compliment your content.


  • Expand your search not just for photograph but also explore illustration and iconography.
  • Find a simple graphic tools which mostly now available from smartphones to create an image montage.
  • Search for royalty free images and make sure you can use them for your intranet without any copyright issues.

Here are some freebies http://www.gratisography.com/


2. Staff Photos

Claromentis People Application

Having employee directory complete with staff photos is a powerful way to enhance internal communication.

Get everyone to upload their photos to their own profile; the chances are they already have it on LinkedIn profile or any other social media.

For sure a staff directory does looks better with photos.


3. Change Background or Cover Image

Intranet Software Banner

Background image or cover image for the intranet is a bit like having room wallpaper. (Without the hard work of stripping it when you need a change!)

Having new wallpaper in a room can change appearance of the room instantly and it works the same for your intranet.

Do rotate or change background or cover image. Many people are taking photography as a hobby now and why not to show case some of the hidden talent within your organization.

TIP: Compress image appropriately, cover or background image can be quite large, opt-in for vector or if you feel experimental how about random triangle? http://qrohlf.com/trianglify/


4. Change the homepage

Intranet Sofware Homepage

Once your intranet is launched it doesn’t mean everything is static. Experiment with different widgets or components on the homepage using our content management system, Pages, and most importantly – learn from your users!

Create area to capture feedback or if your intranet has social area let them say what they think of the new homepage both good and bad.


5. Declutter

After a while your intranet may contain some useful stuff and some not very useful and outdated information. Do a quick MOT by checking Intranet Statistics or Google Analytics and find any resources which are underused – or not even used at all – and get rid of them. Just because you can create a content managed page doesn’t mean the content itself is actually worth it – ask yourself these questions:

Is it going to be useful for my colleagues or me?
Is it something that I need from time to time or just once ?
Do I have time to keep it up to date?



  • Get rid of that CEO welcome video! ( you might want to check for permission first! ) Once people seen it once they don’t want to keep watching them – use the space for what really matters.
  • Hide any features, which aren’t that useful, and see if people miss them, if they don’t then get rid of it.


Author: Michael Christian – Director & Information Architect at Claromentis – follow him at @michaelchri

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