5 Myths About Intranets Debunked

5 Intranet Myths Debunked | Claromentis

What goes through your head when you think about intranets? Chances are, you may envisage an ancient and corporate-looking webpage, chock full of text written by the CEO with little to no imagery. Whilst this may have been true of intranets from years ago, these days that vision couldn’t be further from the truth. But this bad reputation can still plague people’s minds when they are looking to purchase a new intranet or update an outdated one.

In actual fact, intranets these days are interactive, inclusive, and collaborative, and are often part of a company’s wider digital workplace. But with some unfair myths floating around, these exciting intranet developments can be overlooked. We’re here to debunk the myths that are giving intranets a bad name.

Myth #1 – Intranets are static

A successful intranet should be anything but static. An intranet should be dynamic, with regular content, company news, and employee interaction at the heart of it. Today’s modern intranets are designed to be updated and interacted with on a frequent basis, and advances in intranet architecture allow more control over content curation than ever before.

Myth #2 – Intranets aren’t relevant anymore

100% untrue. Intranets are more relevant than ever, it’s just that they have evolved into something much bigger and better. We wrote some time ago that intranets are far from being dead, as some were claiming, and have in fact matured into becoming an essential part of the digital workplace.

Myth #3 – Only management controls intranet content

Wrong! Traditionally intranet content may have been controlled by senior team members, and used solely as a tool for informing staff of important news. But this top-down approach to intranet management didn’t work, and led to intranets becoming what they shouldn’t be – static (see Myth #1!). If senior management are the only ones who have been given the authority to add content, then it creates a barrier to allowing valuable contributions from all other staff. An intranet should be a digital representation of your company, and therefore needs input from all team members to be successful.

Myth #4 – The intranet can only be managed by the IT team

If this were the case, then what would businesses without an IT department do? This myth is simply not true, and in fact it’s a completely unhelpful assumption about what an intranet represents. Intranets are designed to be managed by any team member, regardless of technical ability. Any good intranet provider will install the software for you, and after that you can take total control of the setup, content, and personalisation using the intuitive user interface.

Myth #5 – Intranets are only for big corporations

Intranets are for businesses of any size and any sector. At Claromentis we’ve provided intranets to SMEs of only a handful of staff, to global corporations with offices around the world. The flexibility of intranet software means that any business can benefit from the productivity and efficiency tools it provides. Startups especially can take advantage of an intranet platform that can automate long-winded processes, freeing up valuable time that can be focused on growing the business.

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