3 Ways Your Marketing Department Will Benefit from a Digital Workplace

A digital workplace has advantages for all sorts of departments within an organisation, but in this blog, we’re going to take a look at one in particular – marketing. The chances are that your marketing department needs to access lots of data, regularly collaborate with other departments, agencies and suppliers that are external to your business, and quickly get things approved by key stakeholders. In a traditional office, all these tasks can be a protracted nightmare and take hours or even days to accomplish. But with the right digital tools, it can be a breeze. We’re going to look at each of those situations and examine how a company intranet could help to make things simpler and easier. Trust us, your marketing team will thank you for reading this!

Managing your data

We’ve all done it: you whip up a quick set of numbers for a presentation, save it on your own system and can’t for the life of you find it six months later when it would suddenly be useful 😫 By taking a collaborative approach and saving all your documents in a shared drive (unless there’s a really good reason not to) you’ll make it far easier for team members to find what they’re working on and work more effectively. No more crises when the only person with a copy of that vital document goes on holiday and can’t be contacted. If they’ve saved it in the collaborative workplace it’ll be a piece of cake for one of their colleagues to get hold of the document and make those final changes. Once they’ve seen how much easier this makes things, it’ll be simple to convince them to use these collaborative systems in the future.

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A shared documents drive will make your life much easier

Working effectively with others

If your marketing team is working on a piece of collateral then the chances are that graphic designers, copywriters, and an overall project manager are going to get involved. In a traditional office setup, this can be a version control nightmare as different editions of a document ping back and forth as email attachments, leaving you with no idea of who has the latest version and whether it incorporates all of the changes that have been signed off. If you use a collaborative online platform, things are much easier. There is only one version of the document and each person who needs to work on it logs into the system, makes their changes and then saves the document to the shared drive, ready for someone else to work on. You are fully in control of the document and there is no risk of a version that you thought had been deleted somehow making its way to the printer by mistake. This approach also means that you’re easily able to revert changes if you decide you prefer an earlier edition of a document. A complete trail of everyone’s work is always available.

Avoid the “version control nightmare” with a digital workplace that manages it for you

This collaborative approach also makes it far easier for people to continue working and being productive if they are out of the office for any reason. It’s possible to log in to many of these systems from almost anywhere on any device. Whether you need someone to quickly review a document or need them to continue working on a project while they take care of their ill child at home, a good marketing intranet will make it far simpler for people to keep working and being productive wherever they are. Many solutions also make it possible to access key documents using mobile devices meaning that your colleagues can quickly review a piece of work or add their thoughts to a collaborative document while they’re on the move.

Managing and approving documents

For any marketing team, the sign off process can be one of the biggest obstacles that stand in the way of getting work done. There are many systems that can be installed in your digital workplace environment to make this much easier. You can either mark a document as approved and ready for printing or distribution or put in place another system that makes it clear that a document has been seen by the key person and is ready to be sent out. Again, you’ll avoid the issues that can be caused by misunderstandings that occur as a document bounces back and forth between different people in different places.

Make the sign-off process easier with automated document approvals

The right intranet software can solve many of the most common bottlenecks experienced by marketing departments that prevent them from working quickly and effectively. If you’re considering putting a new system in place, then make sure that you reach out to them before agreeing on the final specification so that you can be sure it caters to all their needs. Systems like this tend to be far better received and more effective when you get buy-in from the people who will actually be using them at the earliest possible stage.

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