3 Business Processes You Can Automate Now to Boost Efficiency During Lockdown

Right now, automation is more important than ever. By replacing the manual with the digital, automation tools like digital forms and workflows take away the need to be physically present in the office. And during these times of lockdown and self-isolation, avoiding unnecessary trips to the office should be top priority to keep everyone safe.

Automation also helps your business run as smoothly as it possibly can during lockdown. Consider the HR executive who has to manually rifle through filing cabinets to find an employee’s job description (more on this later). Even in the best of times, this isn’t a process that should require a member of staff to be in the workplace to get done. By automating this process instead, staff can accomplish their tasks quicker, and safer, from their digital workplace at home.

Here are 3 manual processes you can automate today that will boost efficiency in your business whilst keeping your staff safe during lockdown:

HR document requests

P60s, job descriptions, references… These are all vital documents that staff request from your HR team. Fleshing out the example above, the typical HR request goes like this: A team member receives a request in their inbox, manually searches for the document in various locations (the filing cabinet, desktop folders, shared drives) prints and posts the paperwork or attaches it to an unsecured email.


This entire process can be automated using e-forms and workflows software. Staff can simply submit a form to request what they need, which will ping off to the relevant HR team member. HR can add the document to the request directly from their company intranet, and the employee is automatically notified when it’s ready. Job done.

By automating this process, HR can greatly reduce their internal SLAs, help people faster, save on printing and, most importantly right now, avoid having to go into the office to manage the request.

Risk assessments

Risk assessments typically involve health and safety in and around the office, but given we’re now all working from our own home office, things are a bit different.

New risks, such as loss of internet at home, an unergonomic home workspace setup, or mental health concerns as a result of the anxiety of coronavirus, need to be assessed with your business and employee needs in mind.


Using automation tools, you can create a risk assessments workflow to record what each risk is, the probability of the risk happening, and the actions you can take to reduce the risk.

Smart features, such as automatic triggers, will send the risk assessment details to the relevant manager when an action takes place, or when a deadline has been passed. This will make sure that teams handle risk assessments in good time, so that you and your staff are prepared for any outcome.

Annual reviews

In normal circumstances, annual staff appraisals happen face-to-face between the manager and their team member. But given the current lockdown measures, your managers will likely need to evaluate staff remotely via video conferencing instead.

A vital part of any review is to capture the feedback and points discussed. Automation tools can help you record this information, acting as a “live document” that can be updated throughout the video evaluation.

Afterwards, both the manager and their staff can add notes and discuss any outstanding items. If a follow-up meeting is needed, your managers can set up an automatic reminder to review progress by a certain date, helping to keep your staff appraisals on track.

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