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Intranet & Extranet Software.

Our Intranet & Extranet software can be securely deployed in the cloud or on-premise. We offer a complete range of business, collaborative and social intranet applications with the option of including additional modules, such as our Learning Management System, Business Process Management system or Sales Management module.

Document Management

We offer a complete document management system as a core application within our intranet platform, the key features include: version control, advanced searching, permissions, check-in and check-out capabilities, the ability to preview documents in the browser, document reports, drag-and-drop documents from the desktop, apply document bookmarks, a commenting area and easily create comprehensive document workflows.

e-Form Processes

Social Enterprise

Our Corporate Social Networking Application, Innovate, allows intranet users to post comments and engage with their colleagues. It is a collaborative platform allowing multiple users to share information securely, within a corporate community.

Existing Processes

Learning Management

Create and manage e-learning materials, courses and assessments. Courses can also be given a time-frame for their validity and comprehensive reports can be viewed.

  • Use SCORM Compliant packages or online videos
  • Built-in Notification and Reminder Tool
  • Courses and modules validity periods
  • Bespoke Learning Path
  • Class-room mode for groups or teams


Order Management

If you receive orders by email, we promise that our Order management solution will save you time & money.


Electronic Form & Business Workflow

Track forms and issues the easy way and reduce those frustrating ‘information’ bottlenecks. A simple way to gain instant efficiencies.

Permission Rights

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