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Powerful Intranet Software.

Our intranets are much more than information management systems, they are powerful digital workspaces that will revolutionise the way your organisation works. Our intranet platforms create a collaborative community where knowledge is openly shared and processes streamlined.

Deploying an intranet that fulfils all of your organisation's goals and objectives can be a difficult process, however we have extensive knowledge, experience and expertise in designing and deploying intelligent intranets that do exactly this.

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Benefits of Using the Claromentis Intranet Platform

Enterprise Ready Applications

Intelligent Digital Workspaces

Our intranet software supports organisations by providing a digital workspace that enables employees to create, manage and distribute information, streamline internal business processes and efficiently communicate and collaborate.

Enterprise Ready Applications

Local Support and Training

We provide comprehensive training and on-going support from our Australian office to ensure the system is fully understood by all users. We offer email support, personal telephone support and a 24*7 support portal for all our customers; with service level agreements put in place to ensure a timely and efficent response.

Any Sector, Size or Location

Create Extranet Portals

The extranet portal features the same exciting and clear framework as our intranet system; flexible, highly-customizable solutions to streamline business and maximize usability.

Cloud or On-Premise BPM Deployment

Cloud or In-House Deployment

We deploy our extendable intranet and extranet solutions on Linux or Windows, in any language, and on a perpetual license model or as software as a service (SaaS).

Affordable, Enterprise-Level BPM

Working with Organisations in Australia for over 10 Years

We have over 10 years of experience in building, designing and deploying intelligent intranet platforms for large and small organisations, across a wide range of industry sectors in Australia. Our extensive experience ensures that we will meet and surpass all of your business needs and expectations.

Offering a Helping Hand

Beautiful Intranet Designs

Our design team will work in close partnership with you to produce an interface that is designed in accordance with your organisation’s identity, brand and values. Your intranet system can also have multiple intranet designs that can be allocated to different users according to their group or role.

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