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Claromentis Developers Community

As our clients are becoming ever more familiar with our API and Frameworks, some are starting to develop Templater Components and Infocapture Plugins for their Intranets. At the same time, Claromentis developers are frequently developing generic Components and Infocpature Plugins upon client request. Due to this, Claromentis have now decided to create the Claromentis Developers Community whereby components such as these can be shared, discussed, enhanced and tweaked.

The aim is for every Component and Infocapture Plugin to be fully documented here on the Wiki, and publicly available from our Subversion repository.

Submitting code to CDC

In order to submit code to CDC, please email it to where it will be reviewed by Claromentis developers and checked in to our Subversion repo. You will then be given the chance to create a Wiki article detailing the purpose and configuration of your code.

How to check out code

In this section we will cover the process involved to check out code from our public Subversion repository. For Windows users we will cover the graphical Tortoise SVN client, and for Linux/Mac users the command line based client.

Linux / Mac

As an example, to check out the RSS Feed component use:

svn co /home/user/rss_feed/

Login with:

User: public
Password: claromentis


Using the same example as above, to check out the RSS Feed Component:

Right click your desired destination, then select “SVN Checkout...”

Then enter the URL of the repository, followed by the object you wish to checkout:

This should then prompt you for a username and password. For public access you can use: <code bash> Username: public Password: claromentis

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