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Available in Claromentis version 5.5 and later

Minicalendar is a templater component. To display it somewhere on a page it’s needed to put the following into template:

<component class_key="minicalendar" name="some_uniq_name">

This will display calendar for the current month and calendars filter according to user’s settings in the main calendar application. To change this default view, need to specify some attributes. Example of calendar call with full list of attributes:

<component class_key="minicalendar" name="some_uniq_name" width="130" date="20080601" cln_ids="8,9,cln_hp">


  • name - name to control attributes from PHP code and to identify that minicalendar instance in javascript and PHP session. PHP session stores calendar settings associated with that name. If more than one minicalendars are used on the same page, they must have different names.
  • width - width of calendar to display, in pixels
  • date - date for which to show that calendar. Date is in 8-digit format (YYYYMMDD)
  • cln_ids - comma-separated list of calendars IDs to show. For system calendars need to use their symnames.
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