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  • Online Entrepreneurial Self-Assessment Portal with The European Commission and OECD
  • Our collaborative intranet platform has united Technopolis Group’s geographically dispersed offices.
  • We’ve helped Care UK’s 18,000 employees work more efficiently and improve their overall productivity.
  • CFOA National Resilience - Working to deliver a safe and secure Olympics.
  • Babcock - Babcock simplifies policy management and improves employee communications.
  • GFI - Claromentis helps GFI Group to improve, communications with global employees
  • Hanover - Claromentis provides Hanover with a superior information platform.
  • HDIS Australia - HDIS Australia achieves success through partnership with Claromentis.
  • ICHEIC - ICHEIC oversees the processing of tens of thousands of Holocaust era insurance claims – with support from Claromentis.
  • Nectere - Claromentis provides Nectere with a powerful communication platform for a network of office supply companies.
  • Preferred Brands - Claromentis provides Preferred Brands and members a perfect collaboration environment.
  • Tussauds Group (Merlin Entertainment)
  • William Reed - Claromentis helps William Reed staff to work smarter - and stay up to date.

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  • As an internet company that believes passionately in what we do.
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