We don’t need a DBA for Process Management?

author Nigel Davies, January 14, 2009

During an interesting meeting with a major potential client today – considering deploying Claromentis for 300,000 staff around the world –

Process Management

Process Management

I was struck the most by the reaction when we showed InfoCapture – the central application of our Process Manager Product for form based workflows and processes.

What was so interesting is that they assumed you would need a technical DBA to implement the database structures behind each project that InfoCapture users are designing a solution for. But InfoCapture automatically generates all the database tables and relationships you need – even for the most complex workflow projects. And it does this for MySQL , MS SQL or Oracle – just like all of Claromentis and in line with our fundamental values of giving customers choice.

Just 12 hours before this a client purchased InfoCapture in the USA to maintain contact records – in that case the idea of  DBA had never occurred to our new client – they just needed a solution for a very simple, but ultimately important, problem.

I think that in reality that’s the unique power of InfoCapture – it can be as transparently simple or as complex as you need it to be. It just can do anything that form based workflows require you to do – without a whimper and without a DBA.