Intranet Tools Human Resources can Leverage during the Olympics

author Paula Matthews, July 25, 2012

With an estimated one in every six workers planning to attend the Olympic Games, HR departments throughout the UK will be placed under an enormous amount of strain in the weeks preceding the Games. During this time, much emphasis will be placed upon the management and authorisation of employee absenteeism and the effective communication of company policies, and procedures.

For many organisations, the company intranet will act as an online workspace for HR employees to efficiently manage and fulfil these specific tasks. Claromentis’ Holiday Planner and Policy Management application have been specifically designed to assist HR departments in accomplishing these tasks, and ultimately helping to reduce their workload.

Policy Manager – Create a policy or update an existing policy to inform employees of the company’s guiding principles

Tags can be added to enable employees to efficiently find relevant information. The expiry/review date feature instils a time frame and acts as a reminder to renew or remove each policy. Documents, files and URLs can also be added to provide employees with additional information.

Particular rights can be allocated to certain groups and roles; an automatic notification can also be issued to the appropriate employees. Certain policies will require complete compliance from employees and this compliance data can be monitored and recorded by the policy administrators.

Holiday Planner  – providing managers with the tools for defining business absences and managing teams around available personnel

The dashboard allows users to access a complete overview of both absent and present personnel. In addition, the dashboard provides an informative snapshot of the amount of pending requests and additional holiday days that individual employees have not used. Once an employee has requested time-off, notifications can be sent to management to either approve or decline the request.

The reporting facility enables system administrators to view a comprehensive summary of employee leave during any given time-frame.