An Introduction to using Social Tools on your Intranet

author Paula Matthews, July 16, 2012

With such a large percentage of the world’s population collaborating on social networking sites (Twitter officially has 100 million active users and Facebook may reach the one billion mark by August 2012), one begs the question; why do some people struggle to use social networking tools on their intranet?

While objections vary, the most common ones we’ve heard are:

“I don’t think I’ll have enough time to use social networking tools.”

“I’m not sure what I should use them for.”

“I may cause offense or get into trouble – so I’ll just avoid it.”

Before starting an internal monologue dedicated to what you should and should not post, here’s a few tips:

Tip #1

Let people know what you’re working on. This can be particularly useful in large organisations and it can be of great interest to others. Information regarding project milestones, interesting developments and new client acquisitions can all be communicated in an informative manner.

Tip #2

Sharing articles, documents and reports will encourage others to contribute their ideas and perspectives. Discovering people with the relevant expertise can be difficult as you may not be aware of other employees’ experience and knowledge. Social networking tools therefore act as a valuable channel for information discovery.

Tip #3

Establishing your expertise and knowledge in a particular area will make it apparent to other employees that you’re the right person to approach when they’re seeking advice and assistance.

Tip #4

Don’t forget to share what you’ve learnt or discovered. This valuable insight may have been ascertained from reading an article or learning from your mistakes; sharing this information will no doubt help others avoid making similar mistakes.